Hey there! I’m not quite sure why you stumbled across my website but since you’re here I’m going to give you a little self introduction.

My name is Chai Yu Cheng, Raynard (yes with a comma) which is why you will probably see the initials CYCR almost everywhere on my social media. I was born in 1999 and won’t eat anything vegetables, fruits and egg related. I picked up photography after my father purchased a DSLR for me in 2013 and have since loved capturing moments in time. I’ve also picked up running as a hobby after joining Singapore Polytechnic Track & Field (Marathoners) and realized the importance of staying active.

I am currently pursuing a Diploma in Engineering with Business at Singapore Polytechnic and am expected to graduate come April 2019.

You can follow/add me on my social media below too
http://www.instagram.com/raynardbuchichai (my photography account!)



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