SPOT Scholarship Workshop.

The last workshop I attended under the SP Outstanding Talent program was the Scholarship workshop which was split into two sessions. During the first session, I was taught how to write a good personal statement and what it should always address and answer no matter the question. The lecturer then gave the group a few practices and gave her respective feedback so that everyone could improve on their statements.

The other half of the workshop was on actual interview skills where I learnt about how I should always stay genuine and true to myself during an interview because that is what the interviewers really want – to get to know the interviewee. Another thing I learnt was that it was important to find one’s passion and to be able to share it in a way where anyone would be able to listen and think, “hey this guy is really passionate about what he does”. The workshop ended off with a hands on sessions where everyone was split into groups to practice being interviewees and interviewers followed by feedback sessions.

I feel that the workshop truly benefited me and gave me a clear sense of what I need to do.


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