The Communicator’s Toolbox.

Under the SP Outstanding Talent program, I attended The Communicator’s Toolbox workshop where I learnt more about giving elevator pitches, networking and public speaking. 

It was definitely a new experience for me because I was thrown into an unpredictable situation and had to come up with a off the cuff speech almost instantly after the topic was given to me. Thankfully, I did not encounter any topics where I had no content to talk about but I realised from the topics others were given that I had more reading to do on the current affairs now as well as key historical events.

I also received candid feedback from my peers and learnt that I tend to do awkward hand gestures when nervous and also start to speak at a fast pace. Thanks to the feedback, I will start to be more conscious about what I am doing and saying when giving speeches or presentations in the future.


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