“Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.”

I chose to be the Vice Camp Chief (VCC) for the Singapore Polytechnic Photography Club’s annual Freshmen Orientation Camp 17/18 during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017 and looking back, I am grateful that I did not chose to be the camp chief as during the planning stage, I had a lot of other commitments such as my projects and competitions which made my role as vice camp chief already very hard.

I was in charge of the proposal writing and making sure the proposal got approved at least 1 month before the actual camp. It was definitely tough getting the proposal approved by our CCA officer in-charge to accept it and we faced multiple rejections and had to make many editions to the proposal. The main issues were the Risk Assessment Management (RAMs) and Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) of our activities for the camp as well as the budgeting but together with my Camp Chief (CC) and the other VCC we were able to pull through and got the proposal approved in time.

Fast forward to the actual camp itself, it was a 2 day camp where campers went home after the first day and came back on the second. I was both VCC as well as a Group Leader (GL) of a group of campers with 2 other GLs so I had to oversee the whole camp and made sure it went smoothly as well as facilitate the bonding of my group which was quite a daunting task.

Unfortunately my group had the least people as we had a few people who could not make it for the FOC due to certain reasons and most of those people happened to be in my group. However we made the most out of our situation and did our best to hype up our campers so that they would have a memorable and good time in the short 2 days we had together. At the end of the 2nd day my group had only 2 campers left which really was unfortunate as other groups had at least 9 but overall it was a great experience for me being the VCC for a camp as well as being a GL in an informal event for the first time.

The video below is a montage done up by my senior Dexter for my very small but amazing group Tectonic.


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