“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.”

As part of a collaboration with SP’s Community Service and Cultural Club (CSCC), a few of my club’s EXCO members participated in a Meals-On-Wheels (MOW) community service activity organised by TOUCH.

For this event, not only did we help to photograph CSCC members carrying out the good deeds, but also joined them throughout the whole process from the packing of the food into plastic bags and distributing the food to the respective blocks and units.

It was quite a short event as we were only delivering lunch and we were quite a large group so each small group only had less than 10 units to deliver to. Furthermore, we didn’t get to interact much with the elderly we delivered to ask we had to respect their privacy and let them enjoy their meal, though some of them were friendly enough to strike a small conversation with us.

It felt really good to see their happy faces when they realized that their food was here and it made me realize how important those small little meals mean to them because they are not able to afford and cook their own meals whereas for me, I take the meals I get daily for granted and regularly waste food as well.

I also find it really encouraging that there are organisations like TOUCH that look after the people that society may have left out and that there is a healthy influx of volunteers coming to serve these people.

Below is a video montage done by one of my seniors showcasing the events that happened during the one day CIP.


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