Family Bonding.

“What is easiest to see is often overlooked.”

On 17th December 2016, together with other SPP EXCO members, we went for a Community Involvement Project (CIP) organised by Yong-En Care Centre, held at Bukit Batok Civil Service Club. This CIP was titled ‘Family Bonding 2016’, with the objective to bond families together through engaging activities, such as games and dessert making. The event was made possible with the help of a few SP alumni who invited us to join them in this meaningful activity.

It was my first CIP together with the CCA and there was quite a fair bit of preparation before hand as we had to try out different games and because it was meant for families, the games couldn’t be too challenging yet also fun.

During the actual CIP, we got into our different groups and set up our individual booths. When the families came in and started playing our games, it was really heartwarming to see the children having fun which also resulted in the parents enjoying their time there.
After the games, the families then went on to make desserts such as ice cream and burritos in which they could eat afterwards.

Through this CIP, I am grateful for the opportunity provided for me to serve the families at Bukit Batok and it reminded me how important it is for us allocate even just a little bit of time for our families because it would mean a lot to our parents and that we should always cherish our time with them.


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