“Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.”

The Singapore Geospatial Challenge Business Analytics Mania was another competition that I took part in with 2 of my classmates. SGCBAM is a nationwide competition which aims to generate awareness among students on the subject of geospatial analysis and its application and we were introduced to industrial software like OneEMap, a geospatial resource portal for education provided by the Ministry of Education and the Singapore Land Authority as well as SAS Analytics, a B2B analytics company that provides tailored solutions to other business.

After being introduced to the software available to us, we were tasked to identify a suitable location in Singapore to launch a new childcare center using the data sets provided. My team was rather efficient in digesting the large amounts of data and was able to efficiently pinpoint the location we wanted to set up our childcare center.

However, after presenting to the judges we were not selected as the top 5 teams to present in the finals to everyone. But watching the presentation of the winning team, we realized the similarities in our process of digesting the data and choosing our location. The only difference between us was our use of SAS to present the data and the way we presented our thought process. So although our solutions and they way we derived them were exactly the same, the difference in how we presented it made all the difference.

This taught me that even though I may have the perfect solution to a problem, if I am not able to correctly present the solution address how it solves the problem in a manner that the audience can easily understand, there is no point in have the best possible solution.

However, I didn’t walk away from the competition with nothing to bring back. I was able to win the Instagram contest that is awarded to the most creative picture and caption.

Shown below is my Instagram post that won the Instagram contestProcessed with VSCO with b1 presetIf you ever thought that maps could do no harm, think again. For the past two days, my team and I have had a tumultuous journey from having our brain cells fried from the tremendous amount of data, to our eureka moments and we are currently at the trough of our cycle with no hopes of a recovery anytime soon. But we have a dream, that is to win a prize but in our current situation our only hope is the instagram contest. So pls like my photo because every like keeps the dream alive a little longer. #sgcbam2016



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