“Every experience contains the potential for the enlightenment we seek (Shikin Haramitsu Daikomyo).”

The Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium 2016 was the first event that I took part in during the June holidays of my first semester in SP. YES is a 2 day annual youth-run entrepreneurship symposium organised by nEbO for youths and it mobilizes many entrepreneurs from different industries to come together to impart their knowledge and skills to the aspiring student entrepreneurs-to-be from various tertiary institutions.

I signed up for this event together with 3 other classmates and together we came up with a new business idea and pitched it to various people from participants to esteemed judges and entrepreneurs. Through this event, we were exposed to different business fields and were equipped with relevant skills in starting a start-up from the key note speakers, sharing sessions and business skills workshops.

It was a hectic 2 day event as we were challenged to think on the spot and apply what was taught to us but through it I managed to gain exposure to entrepreneurship and managed to network with many aspiring entrepreneurs from my generation.

I recommend YES to all aspiring entrepreneurs or to anyone who may be keen on finding out more on how you can pursue entrepreneurship as a career in the future. I mean how can you not say yes to YES?


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