“What is coming is better than what is gone.”

All successful applicants of the Direct Polytechnic Admission in Singapore Polytechnic were required to take part in the Polytechnic Preparatory Programme (PPP) in which we had to partake in a leadership camp where we were introduced to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (kinda like a prelude to the LEAP Foundation camp) and afterwards to complete 3 Gen Ed modules (General Education 1, General Education 2 and Social Innovation Project) in a short span of 8 weeks.

Under normal circumstances, Singapore Polytechnic students are required take up 2 Gen Ed modules (GenEd1 and GenEd2) in Year 1 and another 2 Gen Ed modules (SIP and GenEd3) in Year 2. However, because we were DPA students, we were able to complete 3 of the 4 Gen Ed modules in advance and this allowed us to free up our timetables when we officially began our full-time diplomas. This let us focus more on our core modules when school officially began but the only trade off was that we started polytechnic way earlier than the rest of our peers in January while they started in April.

The PPP was meant to give us an introduction to life in the polytechnic so that we could adjust to the new lifestyle before we embarked on our full-time studies. It was through the PPP where I made my first few friends in polytechnic and are now some of my closest’s friends today.

It was also through the PPP that we were introduced to the strict attendance taking system (ATS) in SP as well as the ‘well known’ term – GPA. Since we were taking modules in advance, it also meant that the grades we get for those modules would contribute to our cumulative GPA in our full-time studies and because the modules were only 8 weeks long (normally semester long), being late for a few lessons could result in a Pass/Fail grade if our attendance fell below 75% in which I was incredibly close to hitting.

Thankfully I completed the PPP and didn’t receive a Pass/Fail grade for any of the modules so I’ll end the post with a picture of me and my team interviewing the then Principal and CEO of Singapore Polytechnic, Mr Tan Choon Sian for our SIP.
20160304031002 (3)


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