The Beginning.

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on”

I am not quite sure why I started this website but I’m guessing the bigger part of it is because an e-portfolio is a requirement for me to graduate with a SPOT (SP Outstanding Talent) certification as proof that that I have undergone the SPOT program in Singapore Polytechnic.

The other reason why I started this is probably because I think this would be a good platform for me to document my journey, not just for a certification, but for myself so that I can look back at this website and see what I’ve done and gone through in the future.

It’ll also provide me a platform to rekindle my love for writing albeit it wont be the type of essays and stories I used to write in my pre-polytechnic days as I’ve begun to notice that my writing has turned rusty and words don’t come to me the way they used to before.

The polytechnic education, specifically my course doesn’t require me to write a lot and most forms of writing come in the form of formal reports and those don’t give me the freedom to write the way I want, to express what I feel.

Hence, I thought this website would be a good idea. Hopefully.



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